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Check out the F2G benefits & fill out your number.

Step 2

Fill out the code that you’ll receive through SMS.

Step 3

Welcome to F2G & win unique benefits

Fill out your phone number and you'll receive an SMS with your personal code in order to complete your transfer to F2G. Remember: After you migrate to F2G you will not be able to return to WIND Card.

Please fill in your mobile number
Please fill in your mobile number

* Additionally, already existing subs before the 18th of Nov 2009 may call 1342 for free to be transferred in F2G4 pack. Alternatively, the charge for national calls is 0,0103€/1’’, for national sms,0,10€/sms, for sms towards international destinations 0,1771€/sms and for multimedia message 0,4797€/mms