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Check out your Flames and find out how to participate in Flames2Go Contests.

How many Flames I have? How to check my Flames? How to participate in Flames2Go contests?

Do you have questions? Check the tips below, find all the answers here and let’s start the game.


You can check your Flames at a glance! Enter myF2G App and check out your available Flames on the first screen. If you want to check the live Flames2Go contests, just press the icon of Flames. So simple!


Everything you want to know about Flames2Go Contests with 1 click! Check out Active Contests, Past Contests, Winners and the Terms & Conditions via Flames2Go contests page.


Do you want to participate in an active Contest? It is so simple! Select the contest, pick the number of Flames you want to redeem and just press “Participate”. Don’t forget that you can win an Extra Participation if you share your participation in Facebook!


Do you want to control your Flames? You can check the History of your actions at any time and find out how many Flames you have won and how many Flames you have redeemed. Just select the tab of View History.

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  • Subscribers may participate in any contest they wish to, if they have available Flames.
  • Subscribers may add participations by redeeming Flames in any contest they have already participated in at any time if the Contest is still live.
  • The remaining time till the completion of each Contest is displayed in each contest in Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds.
  • The History Section displays the latest 10 actions.
  • Τhe History Section displays the time frame when the last 10 actions took place.
  • Only subscribers that have the latest version of myF2G App have access to Flames2Go Contests and they can check their Flames.
  • The first time a subscriber participates in any Flames2Go Contest accepts the Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions