The chase of Flames just started!

Gather Flames with every action…

Gather Flames with every action!
It is simple:


for every €1 of your top up


for every €1 of your bundle activation


Double Flames for top up and bundle activations via myF2G App and


for free bundle activations


for your weekly login via myF2G App


for your first login via myF2G App


for your birthday with F2G

Gather Flames with every action!

Win Flames with your top up, your bundle activation and yet more!

        •   Top up and win 1 Flame for every €1!
        •   Activate the bundle of your choice and win 2 Flames for every €1!
        •   Win double Flames if you top up or activate your bundle via myF2G App &

    • More over…
      •   Don’t forget to login at myF2G App every week to win 1 Flame
    • •   Activate Log n Win bundles to win 1 Flame every time


    • The validity of Flames is 1 calendar year since the date of reward.
    • Subscribers should have access to the latest version of myF2G App in order to check and use their Flames.
    • Only the subscribers that have the latest version of myF2G App will be rewarded for the weekly login and the 1st login at my F2G App.
    • Only the top up events with credit / debit card and paypal via myF2G App & will give double Flames.
    • Flames that are not redeemed are available till their expiration.
    • Flames cannot be transferred to any other number or person.
    • Terms and reward rules could be modified at any time in the future.
    Terms & Conditions HERE