Shop until you drop by Helmi

  • Shop until you drop by Helmi

  • 3 lucky winners will win a 100€ voucher

  • Enter the myF2G App and take part in the monthly Flames2Go contest

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  • 3 winners throughout February will win 1 100€ voucher from Helmi stores.
  • The duration of the Contest is set from 1/2 (00:01) to 29/2 (23:59).
  • More information on Helmi can be found at the link below.
  • Competitions have been accessed exclusively from the latest version of the myF2G App.
  • Participation in the Competition is made by submitting Flames to the respective competition through the myF2G App. Each Flame corresponds to a lottery entry.
  • Subscribers earn an extra subscription by sharing in their Facebook profile. The post must be public in order for the additional participation to be valid.
  • Clarify that participants are required to be F2G subscribers in order to participate in the competition.
  • Gifts as well as the duration of competitions may be changed at any time and will be announced through the Program Terms.
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