Top-up online easily with myF2G app or
through your card (credit, debit ore prepaid)

or through your PayPal account and win bonus 10GB valid for 14 days!

We stay home but always in contact with the ones we love!

Top-Up now

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See how it's done in 3 simple steps!


Log in to your myF2G account and select "Online Top-up"


Select the amount, you wish to top-up


Complete the transaction using your card (credit, debit or prepaid) or through your PayPal account

Keep track of your bill!

Once you have completed your online top-up, you can downloaded the receipt with your transaction details, from the "Transaction History" section.


  • Available top-up values include VAT and 12% prepaid mobile phone tax
  • Prepaid tax is automatically subtracted from your balance, when you top up
  • The online bonus is granted for every online top-up of €12
  • The bonuses are consumed by kb
  • The bonus MBs cannot be consumed while roaming
  • Top-up value is added to your balance