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You’re «burning» for the new myF2G App!
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Discover what you can do with the renewed myF2G App:


Win Flames with every action and redeem them to claim amazing prizes every day, every week, every month! Learn more here.

Μάθε περισσότερα


Get the brand new F2G bundles and transfer your unused data at the bundle you will activate next month. Learn more here.

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Make your own list of favorite bundles by selecting the “heart” indication, so you can activate them with just one click.


Get access to APPclusive packages & APPclusive offers you will not find elsewhere.


Check your balance of airtime, SMS and ΜΒ at a glance so you can have easily and fast the control of your connections.


Top up your balance simply... with your voice! Now you can!


Choose profile pic for your F2G accounts, so that you can distinguish them at a glance and easily pick the one you want to manage each time.


  • Download offer of 2GB is valid for 7 days.
  • The download offer is allocated automatically upon user’s 1st login at myF2G App, for subscribers who have topped up at least once in the past 60 days.
  • The 2GB offer is valid for all consumers that will make their 1st login at myF2G App from 20/06/2018 (3 pm) to 28/02/2019 (3pm).
  • The download offer is allocated once per user. The bonus won’t be allocated again to a user if he has already got the download offer and then removes the app and downloads it again.
  • The offer will be live till 28/02/2019 (15.00 pm).
  • MBs are consumed per 1 KB and cannot be consumed in value added services.
  • The bonus MBs are consumed with priority.
  • For the consumption of MB is required available balance at least equal to 0.01€.
  • The offer is available for all F2G subscribers.
  • Balance update is offered through, myf2gΑpp & 1269.