GIGA Button

"Burning of Data"?
 Push the Button and Boost your GIGA! 

Do you want to boost your data in one step?
It is easy! Enter myF2G App, push GIGA Button and boost your GIGA!

It is simple:


Activate one of the F2G bundles with the GIGA Button.


Enter myF2G app, push the Giga Button and double the data of your bundle at 1.5€!

Download it here


  • GIGA Button is exclusively available for the below bundles and its activation is exclusively available via myF2G app:

    • Data #2:1.5GB and the activation of GIGA Button gives extra 1.5 GB
    • Talk to All & Data: 350‘ to all, 750 MB, 350’ to WIND/Q plus 35 SMS to all and the activation of GIGA Button gives extra 750 MB.
    • Talk to All & Data : 400’ + 40 SMS to all, 400’ + 400 SMS to WIND/Q & 750 MB the activation of GIGA Button gives extra 750 MB.
    • Subscribers are eligible to activate the Button, only if they have already activated one of the above bundles, via all activation channels. The GIGA Button is available for 7 days since the activation of the main bundle and exclusively via myF2G app. GIGA Button can be activated once per activation of the above bundles. 
    • The activation cost of GIGA Button is 1.5€.
    • Τhe Giga Button is at promo 1.5€ till 28.02.2019.
    • GIGA Button is valid only for data.
    • The data from GIGA Button have the same expiration date as the main bundle.
    • Balance update is provided through & MyF2G App as well as through free call at 1269.
    • Rollover is not valid for the data from GIGA Button.
    • The free MB can be used for national traffic and also while roaming in EU (Zone1).
    • To use MB, from the embedded usage of activated prepaid bundles or offers, your balance must be at least 0,01€.
    • MBs are consumed per 1 ΚΒ.