Are you out of units? No biggie!

Turn your connection into Walkie Talkie and talk for free!

F2G #crew gives you unlimited 3" calls to all.


Automatically! Every time you run out of you bundle and bonus free talk time, you will be able to make 3" calls to all, free of charge!

Join F2G #crew


  • Walkie Talkie is only available to F2G #crew members.
  • Free calls have a duration of 3" and can be made only if there are no available minutes to your destination from an activated bundle or bonus. 
    e.g. if you have run out of you activated bundles' free talk time but still have free talk time towards a Magic Number, if you make a call to your magic number the available talk time will be consumed. If you make a call towards another number, you will talk for free, as long as the call duration is under 3".
  • If call duration is over 3", the call will be charged according to the pricelist valid at the time of the call.
  • Free calls can be made even ig you have no money left in your balance (0.0 €).