Limited Edition Bundles

Τhey are limited and exclusively at myF2G App!
Find out them!

What‘s new? The limited edition bundles!

The limited edition bundles give amazing bonuses, BUT they are limited. Be fast to take advantage of them.

How does it work?

The limited edition bundles are available via myF2G app exclusively.
Stay tuned and visit myF2G app to reveal them! There is no specific date or time.

Don’t miss the chance. Find out the limited edition bundle this week.

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  • The available Limited Edition Offer gives 400’ & 40 SMS to all, 400’ & 400 SMS to WIND/Q & 750 MB valid for 30 days and extra 1GB valid for 15 days at 10,40€ and it will be available from Friday 10/07/2020 15:00 to Sunday 12/07/2020 13:00.
  • The offers are only available via myF2G app.
  • The available offer, launch date & availability vary every week.
  • Each offer has a limited availability. Upon expiration, subscribers are not able to activate the offer any more.
  • The offer is available for all F2G subscribers who activate the bundle via the dedicated section “limited bundles edition” at myF2G app.
  • The MBs or SMS or minutes of bonus are valid for 15 days from bundle activation.
  • The MBs or minutes or SMS cannot be consumed while roaming or for value added services.
  • To use MB, from the embedded usage of activated prepaid bundles or offers, your balance must be at least €0.01.