Order F2G #Crew

And you, who are up to 20 years old, TALK!
Join F2G#CREW till 30/04 & take a 5.04€ gift instantly!

F2G brings you the coolest communication bundle, designed especially for you! With F2G #crew, you get:

  • 200’ to all & 1GB, for just €5.04
  • 100' to all online bonus!
  • Walkie Talkie, for unlimited free calls, with a duration up to 3"
  • Magic Numbers, for 1500’ to your 3 best buddies.

Fill in your phone number and we will contact you


  • F2G #crew is not for everyone! You have to be under 20 years old.
  • If you are an adult (18-20), you can join F2G #crew by providing your ID card details.
  • If you are under 18, an adult will have to register your prepaid number. This person will be considered to be the "present owner of the number/subscriber". Fill in his/her detail and he/she will have to receive and sign for your card.
  • To complete the process, both the owner's and the user's details must be verified. Once verified, the number will be added to the F2G #crew
  • When you receive your SIM card, you will have to make one outgoing call to activate it. Withing 24 hours, you will receive an SMS welcoming you to F2G #crew.
    • From that moment on, you will enjoy the F2G #crew's unique privileges:
      • F2G #crew Bundle: 200’ to all & 1GB, for 5.04€, valid for 30 days.
      • F2G #crew Bundle online bonus: 100’ to all.
      • Walkie Talkie: Unlimited free calls, with a duration of up to 3"
    • The application to join F2G #crew is valid exclusively for new prepaid connections & subscribers who wish to bring their mobile number to the WIND network.
    • If you are already a WIND/Q subscriber and wish to join F2G #crew, visit a WIND/Public store, with your ID card.
      NOTE: If the personal details are not verified, you will not be able to join F2G #crew.
    • Minors who don't have an ID card will not be able to join F2G #crew.