After connecting your set-top box with your TV, use the WIND VISION remote control to complete the service initialization.

Android TV Setting

1st Step: Android TV Language Selection

Choose the language you prefer for the Android TV menu.

2nd Step (optionally): Set-up using your phone / tablet

If you want to set-up your TV using your Android phone or tablet, select “Yes” and follow the instructions that appear on screen.
In any other case, select “No”.

3nd Step (optionally): Wi-Fi Connection

In case you have not already plugged the Ethernet cable, the Wi-Fi connection screen will appear. Choose your network and follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

4th Step: Google Account

You will need a Google account in order to download applications from Play Store. Connect your account either through mobile/computer or by entering your credentials (e-mail & password). In case you do not have one or simply do not want to, choose “Skip”.

5th Step: Google Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

In order to continue, you will have to accept the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

6th Step: Device’s Location

Choose whether or not you will allow Google to use the location of your device.

7th Step: Google Improvement Process

Choose whether or not you will take part in the improvement process of Android TV.

8th Step: Finishing Android TV Set-up

Choose “Finish” to continue with the set-up of WIND VISION.


9th Step: WIND VISION Language Selection

Select the language you prefer for the WIND VISION menu and choose “Continue”.

10th Step: Google Device Check

During the installation of the update, select whether or not you will allow Google to check the activity of your device.

11th Step: Welcome Screen

12th Step: PIN Creation

This PIN will help you manage the parental control level as well as the profile settings.

13th Step: PIN Confirmation

Re-enter the same PIN.

14th Step: Parental Rating Selection

Choose the parental level you prefer. By selecting “SAVE”, you are automatically transferred to the next step, Channel Scan.

15th Step: Channel Scan

When channel scan is complete, the number of the available channels appears on screen.
Choose “Rescan” to repeat scanning.
Choose “Continue” to finish WIND VISION setting.

Welcome to the world of WIND VISION!