Terms of Use

1. General Terms
1.1.The company under the corporate name “WIND HELLAS TELECOMMUNICATIONS SOCIETE ANONYME” (hereinafter “WIND” or the “Company”) provides to the subscriber / customer (hereinafter the “User”), the following electronic services myWIND according to the present terms and conditions : (1) the display of active connections, (2) the display of bills, (3) the display of active additional services (add - ons) on each connection, as well as the ability to enable/disable them (4) the ability to enable / disable international roaming services, (5) the ability to activate a limitation on data usage, (6) the ability to bar active SIM cards, (7) electronic billing (e-bill) and/or sending through e-mail the monthly bill in pdf format, (8) payment of bills by credit card (9) the ability to enable / disable direct debit by credit card, (10) the ability to change economic programs, wherever possible, in the context of the applicable each time trade policy of the Company, (11) the upgrade of economic programs, wherever possible, in the context of the applicable each time trade policy of the Company and generally any other service provided through this website (hereinafter the "Services"). It is agreed and accepted upon by the subscriber that after registering in myWIND services, he/she will no longer be receiving his/her monthly bills through regular post. By selecting category B herein below (e-Bill), the subscriber will have access to the analysis of his monthly bills and be able to download it to his hardware by accessing the relevant services in www.wind.gr/mywind . 

1.2.In particular, depending on the type selected by the user, the E-Bill service consists of the provision of access to the user’s bills at the website www.wind.gr/en/mywind, which will be sent by email to the user’s email address explicitly stated during the activation process of the Services. The E-Bill service may also be provided in conjunction with their shipping by post.

1.3.The available types of the E-Bill service are the following :
A. First type (e-mail Bill) – Bill / invoice only in electronic format: The user shall unconditionally declare that he/she does not wish to receive bills in hard copy and through post and that, after registering for the service, he/she wishes and accepts to receive them in electronic form (according to article 2 below). The user also accepts that he/she will receive by e-mail to the address he/she has notified to WIND Hellas the first two pages of his/her monthly bill-invoice in pdf format and without bill analysis as well as any information referred to in its contract with WIND (e.g. notices of temporary disconnection of electronic communications services carried out through e-bill).
B. Second type (e-Bill) – The subscriber/user has all capabilities mentioned in type A herein above and the same provisions as provided in A above apply for this type as well. In addition, the subscriber/user has access to the website myWIND/e-bill and can review and download his monthly bills with analysis, as provided in the relevant site.
C. Third type third ( myWIND) - Bill / invoice in printed form through regular mail and in electronic format through e-mail: The subscriber/user shall be receiving the first two pages of his monthly bills, without analysis, through both regular mail in printed format and in electronic format through the e-mail he/she notified to WIND Hellas. Additionally, the subscriber/user will have all capabilities provided in type A hereinabove.
Business and corporate subscribers will only be able to register to either type A (“e-mail Bill”) or B (“e-Bill”). Business and corporate subscribers will not be able to register to type C (“myWIND”) services.

1.4. It is by his/her own initiative that the subscriber/user registers to myWIND services as provided hereinbelow. The subscriber enters the website in https://www.wind.gr/ and follows the steps provided therein. He/she files his/her Tax Registry Number, his/her phone number and his/her contract number and an e-mail address that the subscriber/user guarantees that it is valid, that he/she has access thereof and in case of change of e-mail address the subscriber/user will have to relatively notify WIND Hellas. Furthermore, in this site the subscriber/user elects the type o services he/she wishes. After that, the subscriber/user registers a username and a password to be used only for access to myWIND electronic services. By electing one of the aforementioned three (3) types of myWIND services, all other subscriber/user’ contracts and telephone lines will automatically be included in this type of myWIND services, meaning that the subscriber/user will be receiving the same type of myWIND services (monthly bill type) for all his/her monthly bills for WIND Hellas’ services (fixed and/or mobile).

1.5. The subscriber/user has the option, at any time, to request that the first two pages of his/her monthly electronic bills no longer be sent to his e-mail account, through the website of myWIND services. In such case, the relevant services will not be further affected, apart from the aforementioned change.

1.6. The subscriber/user acknowledges and agrees that it is not possible to provide guarantees for the use of electronic communications through e-mails as well as the electronic transferring of documents (in pdf or other format) for various reasons. Thus, WIND Hellas does not bear any responsibility or obligations regarding the transfer in electronic format of monthly bills – invoices to his/her e-mail account. Furthermore, the user/subscribe is solely liable for any relevant damages incurred either by himself or any third party by the use of the aforementioned activities. In addition, WIND Hellas does not bear any responsibility or obligations for non-valid destinations, transmission errors, alterations or generally for the security of information handled within the telecommunications network and transferred via communication circuits and associated equipment provided by third parties, as well as providers of telecommunications networks interconnected with WIND Hellas’ network, as for example in the case the Internet. Additionally, WIND Hellas makes no warranty to the subscriber/user that the security procedures used by WIND Hellas will prevent the loss, alteration or modification of information handled on the Internet or transmitted through the internet, including but not limited to as a result of viruses, trojan horses or other similar harmful acts of third parties.

1.7.By the credit card payment service the user may opt to pay his/her bills through usage of his credit card, which has to be valid, in force and issued by a legally recognized credit institution.

1.8.By the direct debit service the user may opt to state his/her order to pay any future bills through usage of his credit card, which has to be valid, in force and issued by a legally recognized credit institution.

1.9.The myWIND Services are offered to only post-paid customers of WIND (i.e. natural persons or legal entities of commercial or non – commercial status) who have an active connection of fixed or mobile telephony or internet and a valid e-mail address. The Company reserves the right to apply certain exceptions to the categories of customers mentioned above for privacy purposes.

1.10.Users have to read carefully the present terms of service before registering. In case a user does not fully and unconditionally accept all or part thereof, they are requested to abstain from accepting these terms and from using the Services. WIND reserves the right to modify these terms with prior notice to the User, thirty (30) days before such amendments become effective. During this period the User has the right to terminate the present agreement that relates to the Service.

2. Registration/Activation of the Services
2.1.By registering for the provision of the Services the user fully and unconditionally accepts the present terms of service. If the user does not agree with these terms, he/she is obliged to refrain from registering to the Services. For the completion of the registration the User will receive from WIND by SMS to his/her mobile number a unique activation code to be used for the activation of the Services.

2.2.For any problem/difficulty/query during the registration process, the user may contact the customer services of WIND at the contact phone numbers/email addresses listed in the website www.wind.gr/en/mywind.

3. Service Options
3.1.In order to gain access at the website hosting the Services, the user has each time to enter his/her personal username and password (hereinafter «Access Codes»), as determined by the subscriber/user herein above in 1.4. The user may be periodically requested to change his/her access codes for reasons of security.

3.2.By gaining access to the website hosting the Services, the user accesses his personal account at myWIND and has the right to apply for and receive the Services.

3.3.With the release of each new bill the User receives an SMS at his/her registered mobile and an e-mail, with a copy of the bill-invoice attached, without call analysis, at his/her registered e-mail address, with an attached hyperlink linking to the bill. Through the message and the e-mail mentioned above the user will be able to access his account and acknowledge the content of his/her bill, depending on the type of myWIND services elected by the subscriber/user under 1.3 herein above.

3.4.The bills are issued on a monthly basis or, at WIND’s discretion, for periods not exceeding two (2) months, in accordance with the user’s contract with WIND. The User may have access to older bills of up to twelve (12) months from his/her current bill, depending on the type of myWIND services elected by the subscriber/user under 1.3 herein above.

3.5.If the user registers for the provision of the WIND Single Bill service (mobile telephony, fixed telephony and internet), he/she shall explicitly and unequivocally state that he/she agrees to accept the provision of this service for all electronic communications services that are enabled at their tax registry number.

3.6.By opting for the provision of the credit card and direct debit payment services the user and rightful owner of the card, after accessing his/her personal account, shall register in the relevant fields his/her card identification data (card number, expiration date, number of authentication of the card as imprinted in the space reserved for the signature of the holder (CVV2/VISAi CVC / MC)] and the amount of payment they wish to be executed. Upon completion of the foregoing, the user explicitly and unequivocally agrees to authorize payment of the relevant amount registered by them.

4. Rights / Obligations of the Users
4.1.The user shall be considered to have been given notice of the issuance of his/her bills five (5) days after their issuance date, as stated in the relevant bill. The company shall make sure that the monthly bills are transmitted to the subscriber/user as soon as possible.

4.2.Accordingly, the user shall be considered to have been given notice of each communication sent to his/her e-mail account or mobile phone number.

4.3.The user shall be solely responsible for informing WIND in any case of inability to access the Services or of inability to receive communications and shall not have the right to invoke such inability as a reason of failing to pay his/her bills on time.

4.4.The Subscriber agrees that in addition to the above information, he/she will, also, be receiving from the Company, either with regular mail or by e-mail, depending on the type of myWIND services selected by him/her any other relevant information or notification, including but not limited to, notifications for the provisional or permanent discontinuance of the Service, as provided in the terms of his/her contract e.t.c.. In case, the type of services chosen does not provide for sending of monthly bills through regular mail, the transmission of the monthly bill via e-mail to the subscriber/user’s e-mail address or the relevant notification that the monthly bill has been issues will be considered as sufficient evidence for the relevant notification of the subscriber/user, before imposing interruption of services or provisional and/or permanent discontinuation of service.

4.5.During the provision of the Services the user is obliged and bear the relevant responsibility to report promptly to WIND in writing any change in his/her personal details stated during the process of registration at the Services, including but not limited to his/her postal address, mobile phone number and e-mail. The user acknowledges and agrees that any alteration to the aforementioned personal details shall be executed exclusively by him/her.

4.6.The User expressly acknowledges and agrees that WIND does not bear any liability regarding the verification of the personal details stated by him during the process of registration at the Services and that he is solely responsible for any damages caused to him/her or any third party due to their processing. The same applies to data that are declared by the user in amendment to the data originally registered.

4.7.The user may change at any time the type of his/her myWIND service, his/her email address and mobile phone number via the website www.wind.gr/en/mywind.

4.8.The User may at any time terminate the delivery of the Services by completing the relevant electronic service termination application. Thirty (30) calendar days from the date that the application for the termination of the Services is properly filed, the user shall automatically receive all his/her bills in hard copy at his/her postal address.

4.9.Furthermore, the User may at any time and through the service terminate the delivery of the bill-invoice, without call analysis, to the registered e-mail address. In that case, the service described in 1.3 A is not affected.

4.10.The user declares that he is the sole user of the Services. Furthermore, the user commits to make proper use of the Services and not to disclose or publish any kind of data about the Services in general to any third party (eg passwords, content of the Service), including but not limited to forwarding via e-mail to third parties. Otherwise, the user shall be solely liable for any damage caused without WIND bearing any liability whatsoever. Finally, the user is obliged to report to WIND any unauthorized use and / or security breach of his/her access codes.

4.11.Any unauthorised editing of the contents of the Services’ website is prohibited and the user shall be solely responsible for any damage caused by such editing.

4.12.The user shall comply with any obligations arising out of the terms of use of his/her credit card and/or by the applicable legislation for each order of payment by electronic means, including and without limitation, his obligation to take all appropriate measures in order to ensure the safekeeping of his/her credit card, to notify WIND without delay in case of loss or theft of the card etc.

4.13.The User expressly recognizes and accepts that the delivery of e-mail and electronic documents is not guaranteed, as it is subject to a multitude of factors. Therefore, WIND Hellas bears no responsibility or obligation concerning the delivery of the User's bill-invoice to his/her registered e-mail address. At the same time, the User recognizes that he/she is responsible for any damages caused to him/herself or a third party. Furthermore, WIND Hellas bears no responsibility for non-valid destinations, transmission errors, distortion or the security of any information transmitted through its telecommunications network and through the communication circuits or any relevant infrastructure of a third party, including other telecommunication providers who are interconnected with WIND, e.g. through the internet. WIND Hellas offers not guarantee that the security procedures used by WIND Hellas will prevent the loss, distortion or modification of data transmitted through the internet, e.g. because of viruses, trojan horses or other relevant third party actions.

4.14.The user acknowledges and agrees that WIND shall bear no responsibility for incidental or consequential damages that may occur due to his/her non-fulfillment of obligations arising from the present article no. 4.

5. WIND Obligations
5.1.Any user’s data included in the Services’ website correspond to data of the WIND customers’ database regarding the supply and pricing of electronic communications services to the user. In case of any error and / or possible misstatement due to non-fault of WIND, WIND shall not be liable for any damages that may arise. Factors that cannot be attributed to WIND are, but not limited to, causes that relate to technical malfunctions or associated acts or omissions of the user.

5.2.WIND shall make reasonable efforts to ensure service availability and smooth functionality of the Services. However, in no circumstances shall WIND be liable for any damages with respect to the Services’ website or its use, including but not limited to errors, omissions, interruptions in system operation or connections, computer viruses, even if that WIND has been informed of their occurrence.

5.3.WIND reserves the right to modify or remove individual services offered at the myWIND website after prior notice of the user in any electronic or other way (letter, fax, e-mail, SMS, bills, WIND’s site e.t.c.). Particularly, in case such amendments lead to unfavorable provisions for the Subscriber / User, WIND will provide them thirty (30) days prior written notice, before such amendments of the Service become effective. In this manner, they will be able to exercise their right to terminate the present agreement that relates to the Service.

6. Copyright
The myWIND website’s entire content is copyrighted and industrial property belonging exclusively to WIND, governed by national, Community and international copyright law and offered to users for strictly personal (non commercial) use.

7. Personal Data
The user explicitly states that he/she shall respect and abstain from any breach of the applicable data protection confidentiality of communications legislation, as in force and effect. WIND Hellas’ general terms for the provision of telecommunication services, as signed by the User and concerning the confidentiality of communications, the company’s personal data record keeping and the User’s rights according to relevant legislation, are valid.

8. Other Terms
The present Terms of Service are in force jointly to the terms of the contract between WIND and the user, as accepted and signed by the latter.
The present Terms of Service set specific conditions under which the MyWIND Services are offered to the user, and apply as a whole together with the general terms of use and privacy policies that govern access to and use of the website wind.gr and are posted here [http://www.wind.gr/en/oroi-hrisis-politiki-aporritou/].
I affirm that I have read and agreed to the present terms of service of the myWIND Services, that my personal data inserted during the process of the registration at the Services or later are correct and valid and that all statements / authorizations / consents executed during the use of the Services are accurate, true and unconditionally and unequivocally accepted.

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