SimpleFi On the go Control Plans

New unique price plans to surf the net with no surprises!

The new SimpleFi On the go Control plans offer for the first time control and protection over your mobile broadband usage, so that you can surf the net carefree!


  • You can be up-to-date about your remaining balance at any time, by sending a free SMS from your computer.


  • WIND informs you with a free SMS right before the expiration of your plan's free MB, so you can surf carefree! If you don't pick one of the Extension Bundles, your service will be suspended automatically until the next month, so you will not be charged over your chosen plan.


  • And if your MB run out, but you want to keep surfing, you can activate one of the Extension Bundles at any time, and as many times as you want, depending on your needs.

Extension Bundles

To activate the Extension Bunbdles, send a free SMS through the connection software to 1206 with the command "1GB". This way, you'll automatically acquire 1GB, valid for 30 days.

Extension Bundles 1GB
Activation Fee €5.04
Free embedded MB 1024
Activation Command
(via SMS to 1206)

To find out your remaining usage balance, you can send a free SMS via the WIND Connection Manager to shortcode 1205 with the command "BAL".

  • All prices include VAT 24%.
  • The charging step is 1ΚΒ (1ΜΒ= 1024Kb and 1GB = 1024MB).
  • The free MB of the price plans are valid only for use within Greece and are valid for one month.
  • Upon expiration of the free embedded MB usage of each tariff plan, and if the customer does not activate any of the Extension Bundles, then their access to the WIND 3G network and their ability to send chargeable SMS and MMS (except free SMS to obtain balance information, activate the Extension Bundles and towards free or emergency numbers) will be automatically barred after SMS notification, resulting in a possible loss of data that have not yet been fully dowloaded and saved.
  • The validity of the free MB in the Extension Bundles is 30 days from activation. Any remaining volume that has not been used cannot be transferred to the next month.
  • Tariff plan changes are not allowed.
  • Roaming service is not available to the Mobile Broadband/Simplefi On the Go tariff plans.