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To use the WIND Mobile Broadband datacard or USB Stick Modem, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Laptop or desktop PC with Windows XP (or later) or Apple MAC OS X with the following specifications: At least 100 MB free disk space and RAM 128 MB. USB port (for Internet Sticks) or PCMCIA Type II slot (for datacards) Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or above.
  • SIM card
  • The accompanying software supplied with the SimpleFi On the go products

Connection speeds

The SimpleFi On the go products connect to WIND's 3G Broadband (3G/HSPA) network with speeds of up to 42Mbps. If there is no 3G network coverage, the connection is made through the GPRS/EDGE network with speeds of up to 200 Kbps. Under 3G/HSDPA network connectivity the data rates achievable are equivalent to those achieved using ADSL fixed internet.

As a reference, the fixed data rates are shown below:

  • PSTN - maximum speed of 48-52 kbps
  • ISDN - top speed 128 Kbps
  • ADSL - normal speed 2Mbps

Access to e-mail account

You can access your e-mail account from any ISP (if the current ISP supports this) via the WIND network. You can also access a web mail account or your web mail provided by your ISP if applicable. Note: WIND does not provide an e-mail account.

Charging Method

WIND SimpleFi On the go is charging consumption based on volume or per minute, i.e. the amount of data you have downloaded/uploaded when Volume based, or the duration of connection when time-based.

In some cases, a certain deviation of data traffic consumption is observed at the software client when compared to the bill report. This is due to several automatic updates taking place by Operating systems, ie. Windows, or MAC, or even due to connected applications which update themselves, like Antivirus or Firewall software. Because the SimpleFi On the go app is not running at that time, the traffic caused by the above-mentioned software is not measured by the dashboard. Therefore, each time you connect, it is highly recommended to use the provided dashboard, in order to avoid any inconsistencies with the measured data consumption. In any case, the data traffic amount reported in the monthly bill is the correct, real traffic that took place on the subscriber's device.