Getting Started With Your Broadband



Installing your router

Step 1

Connect your computer and the router (ports numbered 1-4) via Ethernet cable:

Step 2

Insert a phone cable into the plug and the other end to the splitter’s LINE port. Insert a phone cable to the splitter’s MODEM port and the other end to the ADSL port on the router. Insert a phone cable into the PHONE port of the splitter and the other end to your telephone

Step 3

Connect the power cable to router’s “POWER” socket and to the power plug. Then press the ON / OFF button at router’s back side.

Step 4

To access the router settings, open the browser of your choice (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and type in the address bar to connect to your router management environment. At the start page, type "admin" in the Username and Passwords fields and press Login. For your own convenience press "Quick Start-RUN WIZARD" and follow the instructions (Select country, PPPoE / PPPoA, connection data -in most cases it is enough not to be empty, WiFi setting)

Now you're surfing the Internet!


Device Manual


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