Getting Started With Your Broadband



Installing your router

Step 1

Place the device in an upright position using the base included in the package. Use of the device to another location without the use of the base may cause decreased performance or cause damage to the device.

Step 2

Connect the first point of a phone cable (grey color) to a free phone plug and the other cable point to the splitter at the “LINE” socket .

Step 3

Connect your phone device to splitter’s "PHONE" using the device phone cable.

Step 4

Connect the first point of the second phone cable (grey color) to router’s "DSL" port and the other end to the splitter at the "MODEM" socket.

Step 5

If you connect only wirelessly via tablet, smartphone etc. proceed to Step 5. Otherwise, connect the first point of the Ethernet’s cable (yellow color) to the corresponding Ethernet port at your computer’s back side and the other cable point to any of the 4 router’s Ethernet ports (yellow color).

Step 6

Connect the power cable to router’s “POWER” socket and to the power plug. For safe operation, never use another power supply than the one contained in the package. The connection is shown below:

Step 7

Press the On/off button at router’s side to open the router.

Step 8

Check router light indications after a few seconds

  • a) Indication (power source) must be green and stable
  • b) Indication (VDSL connection) must be green and stable
  • c) Indication (Internet access) must be green
  • d) Indication (active wireless network) must be green
  • e) One of the “LAN” indications (PC-router connection) must be green

Now you’re surfing the Internet!


Device Manual Firmware update (.zip)


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