WIND AKAZOO, unlimited music

Pick, listen, share!

With the new WIND AKAZOO, unlimited music , you can search and pick your favorite songs from a library 15.000.000 τραγουδιών, listen to themand share them with your friends! Now you can enjoy WIND AKAZOO, unlimited music for1 month for free*, and with free streaming**!

What do you have to do to sign up for WIND Music?

  • Step 1: Head over to wind.akazoo.com
  • Step 2: Activate the option that suits you and enjoy 1 month for free!

Access only via browser

  • Create playlists with your favorite songs
  • Share music with your friends
  • Post your favorite playlists on Facebook

Outside the offer, the price is €4.02/month.


Access via browser, app for Android phones and tablets, and for iPhone

  • Enjoy unlimited music offline
  • Create playlists with your favorite songs
  • Synchronize your music to your mobile device wirelessly

Outside the offer, the price is €7.05/month.

  • * The service also applies to F2G & Q subscribers.
  • ** Free streaming on the music service does not apply to subscribers on the WIND Mobile Broadband bundles, as well as users of the WIND Mobile Broadband with card service.

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