Call Services

Itemized Billing

Analyze your bill!

With this service, you can get detailed info regarding all of the charges on your bill (date, call time, calling number, duration and cost of the call).The service is available free of charge to WIND subscribers, upon request.

Call Attempt Notifier

Out of service, not out of touch!

Call Attempt Notifier is an innovative service introduced by WIND which allows you to find out who attempted to contact you while your mobile was switched off or out of coverage.
As soon as your mobile is on again, you will receive a short message, free of charge, informing you of the last 4 to 6 last calls (mobile or fixed) you received including information on these calls; caller’s telephone number, number of attempted calls (if more than one attempt), time (last attempt time), and finally, the date of the call.

For example, in case that the number 2106158000 has attempted to contact you three times then the short message notification that you will receive will be as follows:
ΚΛΗΣΕΙΣ:+302106158000 (13:00,24/10/01-3 TIMES)*

The caller will be informed by a voice message that you will be notified for your last calls as soon as you switch on you mobile phone or when you will be connected back to the network. In case you don’t want to be notified on your missed calls, then you have to deactivate the caller’s notification message.

The service will be automatically applied to all contract subscribers that have not activated Call Forwarding Unconditional and the Call Forwarding Non Reachable diverts. However, prepaid subscribers can activate the service only upon request. All contract subscribers and Free2Go subscribers can activate and deactivate the service free of charge.

In order to activate the service, send ‘NAI’ to 1265, and for service deactivation, send ‘OXI’ to 1265. In case you would like to deactivate the callers notification then, send ‘KRYFA NAI’ to 1265, and for reactivation of the basic message, send ‘KRYFA OXI’ to 1265

  • * Please note that the service is available only in Greek.
Calling Line Identification Service (CLI)

Know everything, any time!

Automatically displays the number of the incoming call (mobile or fixed phone) on screen. Available to all WIND subscribers without charge

Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR)

Call incognito!

You have the ability to selectively restrict their number appearing to other customers, that have already activated CLIP, while you are placing a call. The service is provided free of charge.

  • If you have not requested CLIR activation through the network, now you have the ability to activate CLIR selectively through your terminal (if available) or by dialing #31# before the number of the receiver.
  • If you have already activated CLIR through the network you have also the ability to de-activate it selectively through your terminal (if available) or by dialing *31# before the number of the receiver.
Short Message Service (SMS)

Simply and Quickly!

Transmits and receives written messages from one WIND mobile phone display to another. Addresses those who want to communicate a short message in a simple, fast, discreet and economical way, available to all WIND subscribers, each message can be up to 160 characters long.

Call Hold / Call Waiting Service

Communication on multitasking!

This service allows receiving or making a second call, whilst already talking on your mobile phone.

All WIND customers can set up their mobile terminal to support this service and it is available free of charge.

11818: Greek Directory Service & Call link

11818:Everything you are looking for in one number

Find any fixed or mobile phone number you're looking for right away with WIND's directory service, by calling 11818 from your mobile, for

  • Entertainment info for Athens & Thessaloniki.
  • Cinemas
  • Theatres
  • Cultural events
  • Night Clubs
  • Professional catalogue ( lawyers,doctors,plumbers,etc)
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Ferry schedules
  • Train schedules
  • Pharmacies on Duty
  • 11818 Greek National Directory Service & Call Completion* is charged with 1,38€/min, for prepaid and postpaid customers of all WIND tariff plans, the charge is per minute. From WIND fixed €0.99/min, the charge is per minute.
  • * Call Completion: Connecting the caller with the requested phone number is charged with €1.38/min from mobile and €0.99/min from WIND fixed, in both cases the charge is per minute.
  • For any complaints regarding the service, you can call 800 5000 200 free of charge from your WIND mobile phone, or 2106158000 from fixed phone, with national charge.
Call Barring Service

You set the limits to your communications!

Monitors and bars incoming and outgoing calls of various categories. Available to all WIND subscribers

Personal Voice Mail Box

...After the beep...

Your personal voice mail box receives and records messages when you are unable to receive calls and provides immediate audio or written notification every time a new message is received.

Further advantages

  • Easy access by dialing 122.
  • Records up to 15 messages of 2 minutes maximum duration each.
  • Stores new, un-listened to messages for up to 5 days.

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