Worldwide Coverage

WIND offers you the most advanced technology roaming services in cooperation with foreign networks, for you to enjoy unlimited communication, no matter where you are…in the world!

  • In case you are travelling through international waters where there is no available GSM coverage (Adriatic Sea, Atlantic, Baltic, North Sea, Caribbean, Mediterranean, etc.) there is a possibility of connecting through maritime networks.
  • WIND, in cooperation with Aeromobile and OnAir networks, helps you keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family whilst in-flight. You can make or receive phone calls and text messages using your mobile phone just as easily as you can on the ground. Please note that it remains a breach of aviation safety regulations and may be unsafe if you try to use your phone on an aircraft that is not installed with the above or similar systems.
  • WIND connects with IDEN frequency networks. In order to connect with such a network, you need a compatible device.

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