Voice Mail Box Access

Useful advice for accessing your voice mail while abroad

To listen to your voice mail while abroad, call +30 693 560 1222 from your mobile or any other phone. Follow the recorded instructions, enter your phone number, press (*) twice and then type in your voice mail pin. Before your trip, change your voice mail pin to a 4-digit code. To change the code, call 1222, while you are still in Greece, and follow the recorded instructions. The default code is 1111.

Roaming charges apply for voice mail. When somebody leaves you a voice message, you are charged for the duration of the incoming call, unless you are in an EU country. In this instance, receiving voice mail is free of charge.

Furthermore, when you acess your voice mail, you are charged for the duration of the time you spend listening to the messages. (Outgoing roaming charges apply).

  • Access to VMB is provided when you have subscribed to the Voice Mail Box service. In some cooperating networks through the ‘’short codes service’’, during your stay you can directly dial 122 from your mobile in order to listen to your messages.
  • Call forwarding and call notification services when roaming are charged as international roaming calls. In order to avoid unwanted charges it is suggested to disable them before travelling abroad.