Internet abroad

Carefree web surfing while abroad

Information/Barring GPRS Roaming Service

With the Information/Barring GPPRS Roaming Service you can surf the web from your phone with no worries, while travelling in abroad!

WIND offers the Information/Barring GPPRS Roaming Service, through which you are informed about data consumption while roaming anywhere in the world, free of charge.

The service provides barring of data roaming traffic when roaming subscribers exceeds the limit of €62 within a billing month for postpaid subscribers or calendar month for prepaid customers in data roaming traffic.

  • The subscriber is warned ia SMS when the charge reaches 80% of the limit (ie €49).
  • To continue data roaming traffic, avoiding barring, send free SMS "UNBAR NAI" in 1202 (postpaid) or 1284 (prepaid).
  • The service does not take into account the free MB included with the EuroData, euro4ALL, GPRS Roaming and the Data Roamer service.

To activate or deactivate the service, send an SMS, free of charge, or call customer service (1260, with charge) from Greece or abroad:


  • For contract customers: G60 ΝΑΙ to 1202
  • FOR WIND to ALL & Kartosyndesi subscribers and prepaid customers: G ΝΑΙ to 1284
  • Exceptionally, the Family and Business subscribers can send a message to 1202 only for this service.


  • For contract customers: G ΟΧΙ to 1202
  • FOR WIND to ALL & Kartosyndesi subscribers and prepaid customers: G ΟΧΙ to 1284

Furthermore, contract subscribers can use the ‘Data Roaming’ limit. Subscribers may choose one of the following limits: €100, €250, €500 και €1000. TO activate, send «GXXX ΝΑΙ» to 1202 (where XXX is the desired financial limit). "Data Roaming is not available for WIND to ALL, W and Kartosyndesi subscribers.

Tips for using the internet while abroad

It is very important to be aware of the risk and costs of automatic and uncontrolled data roaming connection and downloading that you may incur on your mobile phone and how to avoid it:

  • be aware of any indications on your device for GPRS / Internet connection
  • lock the device to prevent the risk of pressing buttons unintentionally, that may connect you to the internet automatically
  • be sure to quit all running applications on your phone when not in use
  • make sure that the navigation software used to download maps is based on Global Positioning System (GPS) and not via A-GPS or via the Internet.
  • deactivate the Data Roaming option on Android phones, Windows Phone devices and iPhones. The option can usually be found at Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Data Roaming

We would also like to inform you that WIND Hellas has a free Information/ Barring Service for Data Roaming to inform and safeguard the interests of subscribers regarding the roaming data in and out of European Union countries (from March 1, 2010).

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  • Usage of service is possible provided that service has been launched in cooperation with the foreign network.
  • Worldwide coverage