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If your have no more credit in your account and you are not able to reload it through the above methods, you may also use:

  • WIND Ring Me Now service, through which you may notify, free of charge, any WIND customer (prepaid or contract), to call you back
  • WIND SOS Airtime Extension service extending your balance with €2.5 for immediate use, which will be subtracted from your next airtime reload

WIND Ring Me Now

The service WIND Ring Me Now gives you the opportunity to notify instantly any WIND customer, either prepaid or postpaid to ring you back, when you have insufficient balance. To use the service, you may simply send a SMS to the number 54040, writing only the mobile number that you would like to ring you back.
Example: 6931234567 to 54040.

If the request is successful, then both you and the receiver will be informed by receiving a notification SMS. If WIND customers do not wish to receive service notifications from other WIND prepaid customers, then they may asked for barring the service, by simply sending an SMS with the word NO to 54040. In case that WIND customers would like to unbar the service notifications, then they may send an SMS with the word YES to 54040.

The service of SMS notifications is provided free of charge, and the daily limit of request to call per customer is 30 calls.

WIND SOS Airtime extension

WIND SOS Airtime extension service gives you the opportunity to request a €2.5 airtime extension immediately, by simply calling the prepaid recharge IVR 1268.

To use the service, you should have performed at least one recharge in the last one month.

The service charge is €0.35 per SOS recharge, which is deducted from your next airtime reload along with the extension amount of €2.5. As soon as you reload your account and the amount of €2.85 is deducted, then you are able to use WIND SOS Airtime extension service again.

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