Airtime Renewal

Ασταμάτητη επικοινωνία!

Are you running out of credit? No problem!

If your available airtime value is running out, you can reload it by selecting one of the following renewal methods:

  • Scratch cards available in all WIND Stores, in kiosks and other small retail outlets
  • Electronic reload through WIND Stores with any integer value you choose within the range of only €5 to €50.
  • Airtime renewal through bank ATMs. (National Bank-Piraeus Bank)
  • Airtime renewal through SMS Banking (Piraeus Bank). For more information click here.

As long as you have obtained the additional Scratch Card on time, all you have to do is call at +30693 560 1268 and follow the recorded instructions on the introduction of the Scratch Card secret code, exactly as you would have done if you were in Greece.

In case you are abroad and have not bought an additional Scratch Card beforehand, this can be bought by a third person who will restore your airtime by calling at 693 5601268 & following the recorded instructions on the introduction of the Scratch Card secret code.

You can also recharge your prepaid account by sending the 16-digit number of a scratch card (with no spaces between the digits) by SMS to 1268.

If the scratch card is valid the account is recharged with the relevant amount on line and you will receive the following SMS: ‘’YOUR CREDIT UPDATE WAS SUCCESSFUL’’. In case of incorrect number entry you will be informed by the following SMS: ‘’SCRATCH CARD NUMBER IS NOT VALID’’. In this case you’ll have to repeat the procedure or call the prepaid customer service at 6935601260 with charge from your mobile phone.

Don't forget!

If your have no more credit in your account and you are not able to reload it through the above methods, you may also use :

  • WIND Ring Me Now, through which you may notify, free of charge, any WIND customer (prepaid or contract), to call you back.
  • WIND SOS Airtime Extension service, extending your balance with €2.5 for immediate use, which will be subtracted from your next airtime reload.

In order to be informed of your remaining balance you may call 1269 from your mobile phone, or simply send a blank SMS to 1269 free of charge.

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