Mobile Internet Monthly Plans

Mobile Internet? It is a matter of data!

Do you want to browse your favorite sites, chat with your friends or keep up with the latest mobile applications? Now you have two Mobile Internet data plans to choose from, whether you are a consumer or business customer.

Mobile Internet Mobile Internet
Mobile Internet
Monthly Fee €5.05 €7.57

Inclusive MB (Internet & WAP) 1GB 2.5GB

Above bundle charge (Internet & WAP) €0.1034/MB* €0.1034/MB*

Activation - SMS to 1202 1GB NAI 2,5GB NAI

Deactivation - SMS to 1202 1GB ΟΧΙ 2,5GB ΟΧΙ

The above prices include VAT 24%.

Mobile Internet data bundles are available to all consumer and business subscribers who want to have access to Internet via their mobile devices.

A few examples:

  • Send and receive e-mails from your personal or your business e-mail account (eg. Gmail, Hotmail,Yahoo!)
  • Visit your favorite web sites or download applications like Google Maps etc.
  • Update your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin profile
  • Use Skype or Google Hangouts to stay in touch with your favorite people
  • Download your favorite music and games

How to activate:

  • Visit a WIND store
  • Call customer service (1260)
  • Send an SMS, free of charge, to 1202:
    • “1GB NAI ”, for activation of Mobile Internet 100MB or
    • “2,5GB NAI”, for activation of Mobile Internet 350MB