Bring your family
to WIND & win!

With WIND's new Family Plan you don't have to make a choice!
Create your own Family Plan and you can enjoy:

- €5


With the New Family Plan, you will be given a discount on your monthly family bill, which will depend on the total number of connections which are part of the Family Plan. For a Family Plan with 2 contract lines, the discount will be €5, for 3 it will be €10, for 4 it will be €15and for 5 it will be €20.


intra-family calls

Together with the monthly discount on your family bill each member of the Family Plan will have 60 free minutes of intra-family calls, ie calls made in Greece among the members participating in the plan and to one landline.


for each Prepaid accountto all networks

For each WIND or Q prepaid phone participating in the Family Plan, you will be offered 120 free minutes per month, to all national networks, as long as you remain within the Family plan without any prerequisite. Please make sure you have sufficient minimum balance in your prepaid account (€0.07) in order for the offer to be assigned. The free minutes have a duration of 30 days. Apart from the 1st offer assignment, all next offer allocations will be performed at the beginning of each month.

Talk to one of our representatives, free of charge, or call us at 211 2116550


up to 20%

Do you want to enjoy an even bigger discount on your bill?

Activate a WIND fixed & internet connection and get a discount up to 20% on the monthly fee of your WIND mobile, forever!

  • To create your family plan, you will need to have at least two contract plan or hybrid plan connections with a monthly tariff of €20 and above. There is also the possibility of joining the family plan with up to 3 prepaid WIND connections.
  • The maximum number of lines (Contract and Prepaid), which can join the Family Plan can not exceed the 5.
  • For all contract lines a single monthly bill will be issued.
  • The free talk time of 60 minutes offered to members of the family (contracts and prepaid mobile) which is not consumed within a month, is transferred on to the next.
  • First consumed The free talk time of 60 minutes will be consumed first and then the free talk time of each contract plan. After the consumption of the free talk time, the corresponding rates of each member's contract plan, are applied.

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