Cost Control Services

Learn about the Cost Control services and all the features of your contract!

Service Monthly Fee Available Use SMS Activation Order
1500' towards WIND/Q €5.03 1500’ towards WIND/Q send ‘1500 ΝΑΙ’ στο 1202
100 SMS €5.05 100 SMS to all send ‘100SMS’ to 1218
Mobile Internet 1GB €5.03 1.024 ΜΒ send ‘1GB’ to 1210

You will receive an SMS right after service activation.

The monthly fee of each service will appear in your next invoice.

Balance information

  • If you wish to be informed about your remaining minutes/SMS/MBs of the activated service, call 1268, free of charge from your mobile phone.
  • You can also visit myWIND

You need to know

  • The monthly tariff for each service will appear in your invoice, on top of your tariff. Available use is renewed every month
  • Charges, following the consumption of the free SMS & MBs, are according to the pricelist of each Kartosyndesi contract.
  • Free SMS and ΜΒs which are not consumed within a 30-day billing period are non-transferable.
  • Free SMS are valid towards national networks and are not valid towards international networks or value added services.
  • Free ΜΒs are valid for Internet navigation & Wap within Greece.
  • If you wish to cancel an activated service, send ‘100SMS ΟΧΙ’ to 1218 for the 100 SMS service & ‘1GB OXI’ to 1210 for the Mobile Internet 1GB service.

Renewal options

You can top up you talk time using one of the following methods:

1. Through SMS Top-up cost will appear in your next invoice, on top of your tariff:

Bundle Order
5.05 €* send ‘5Ε' to 1218
10.08 € send ‘10Ε' to 1218
15.12 € send ‘15Ε' to 1218

* A €5.05 top-up is also offered through 1268.

2. Using top-up cards, available at WIND Stores, our partners' network, kiosks and other retail points.

3.Electronically, through WIND stores, from €5 to €50, with no passwords or cards.

4. Electronically, through a receipt (available in some stores).

All prices include VAT 24%.

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