WIND to ALL & W SMS Add-On Services

WIND to ALL & W plans offer you more choices so that you can have as many SMS as you really need.

Activate the WIND to ALL& W SMS Add-On and benefit from real low rates in the SMS usage. Additionally, combine SMS and Mobile Internet add-ons on your WIND to ALL/W plan and benefit from special discounts on your monthly fee.

SMS to ALL 100
Monthly Fee 5.03 €
SMS/Month 100 SMS

To activate or deactivate the add-on call WIND customer care at 1260 from your mobile or visit a WIND store.

Alternatively, text "100SMS ΝΑΙ" to 1202, free of charge.

And don’t forget, you will receive free SMS notifications when you have 10 SMS remaining of your add-ons’ embedded usage.

Moreover, you can keep an eye on your remaining add-ons’ balance at any time by calling 1270 free of charge from your WIND mobile.

  • The embedded free SMS are valid for messages sent within Greece towards national networks and cannot be consumed for SMS during Roaming, or SMS to services & towards foreign mobile networks.
  • The charge above the embedded SMS is according to tariff plan.
  • Add-on SMS consumption is valid for customers’ bill cycle. For the time period from add-on activation to customers’ bill issue, customer will receive the equivalent proportion of SMS.
  • Any SMS or MB not used within the add-ons validity period are not transferred to the next month.