International Calls Bundles

New International Calls Bundles

Choose the international destinations that you call more frequently, activate the bundle that suits your needs and talk for less!

Destination/Country Activation Cost Available Minutes 30 days validity - SMS Activation Command Automatic renewal every month - SMS Activation Command
1. Albania, Italy, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Fyrom €4.44 20' & 200' to all WIND/Q Text ‘6’ to 1285 Text ‘7 NAI’ to 1202
2. Bulgaria & Romania €5.05 120 minutes Text ‘3’ to 1285 Text ‘8 NAI’ to 1202
3. France, Germany
& the UK
€7.06 90 minutes Text ‘4’ to 1285 Text ‘9 NAI’ to 1202
4. Cyprus €7.06 200 minutes Text ‘5’ to 1285 Text ‘10 NAI’ to 1202

Activation is quick and easy. Send an SMS for free to 1285 with the bundle number you want to activate. You will receive an SMS upon activation.

The activation cost will be included in your next invoice.

Balance Information

  • To learn your remaining free talk time, call 1270 for free from your mobile phone, if you are a W & WIND to ALL subscriber, or 1268 if you are a Cost Control subscriber.
  • You can also learn your balance through mywind.
  • Bundles are valid for 30 days from activation.
  • You can activate any or all bundles, paying the corresponding price for each one.
  • Every bundle can be activated up to 3 times within 30 days from the first activation.
  • Calls are charged by the second with a minimum call duration of 3 minutes.
  • After the consumption of the free minutes, calls are charged according to the International Calls Pricelist for individual subscribers and the zone of each destination.
  • The free minutes that are not consumed within 30 days are not transferred to the next period.
  • Available talk time can be consumed towards all mobile and fixed line networks of each country, with the exception of bundle 2 (to Albania ALB Telco & Eagle), for which the available talk time can only be consumed towards the ALB Telco fixed line & the Eagle mobile networks.
  • The following prefixes are excluded from the consumption of the free talk time: Albania & Italy 3554249, 39310, 39313, Bulgaria & Romania:35999 & France, Germany & UK 338, 3363800, 3364000, 3364001, 3364002, 3364003, 3364004, 49115, 49180, 4911, 4470.
  • International bundles are offered to subscribers of W, WIND to ALL & Cost Control.