Ya Card

Prepaid Ya card

Your card!

The prepaid Ya card:

  • Allows you to make phone calls from any fixed, public, or private line in Greece (from your house, your office, your hotel room or from your friend’s house)
  • Guarantees the best quality of service without any interruptions or other problems on your telephone conversations
  • Allows you to make calls to any national or international destination by automatically charging your prepaid telephone card and not the telephone line which you are using
  • Available at the prices of €3 and €5
  • Offers 24/7 customer support
  • No charge per call
  • Expiration date - 3 months after first use


  • Dial the toll free access number 807 5 807 or 2111202005.
  • For English press 2#
  • Dial your account number followed by #
  • Dial the destination number you wish to call and press #

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