WIND Voice 300

300 minutes of local and long-distance calls for only €8.00/month!


  • 300 minutes of Local and Long-Distance calls to all Greek fixed numbers
  • No Activation Fee
  • No minimum contact duration
  • No change in your existing phone number


WIND Voice 300
Monthly Fee €8.06
Activation Fee Free-of-Charge
Call charges
Calls to Greece2 Towards Fixed Towards Mobile
National Calls 300 mins free-of-charge2 €0.1724/min
International Calls3 Towards Fixed Towards Mobile
Zone 1 €0.2218/min €0.3019/min
Zone 2 €0.2621/min €0.3529/min
Zone 3 €0.6078/min €0.6078/min
Zone 4 €1.0369/min €1.0369/min
Zone 5 €1.3826/min €1.3826/min
Zone 6 €2.2469/min €2.2469/min

WIND VOICE 300 is provided through carrier pre-selection, so OTE’s monthly access fee still applies. All prices include VAT 24%

For more information on the charges, please refer to the detailed priced lists (Greek-only version):

Detailed Pricelist
Other calls and services
  • Calls towards Local, Long-Distance, Mobile & International Destinations are charged per minute
  • After the consumption of the 300 free-of-charge minutes, local calls are charged with 0.0310 € per minute and long distance calls are charged with 0.0547 € per minute
  • International Calls’ charges do not include charges towards Special International Destinations. Please refer to the respective Special International Destinations’ Pricelist

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