Fixed Telephony Network

Fixed Telephony Network

Voice and Data Services through Local Loop Unbundling

As of 2006, the Company has made aggressive inroads in the Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) process; today we have 271 collocations in OTE nodes.

The deployment of the company’s fixed communications network progresses at a fast pace covering most of the country.

WIND is one of the pioneering companies in the Greek Telecommunication Market, in regards to the application of new technologies. It was the first to introduce - in a wide range - the Voice over IP technology based on the NGN (Next Generation Network) type technology. Its services are provided through the Unbundled Access to the Local Loop (LLU) with the use of DSLAM/MSAN advanced technology.

Fixed Communication Network

  • Network spanning over 4.400 km-spanning of Fiber Optics
  • International Capacity of 60 Gbps
  • GR-IX: 10 Gbps
  • 271 colocations in OTE nodes
  • Covering Attica, Thessaloniki, and almost every city, as well as rural areas and islands
  • Submarine cables connecting:
    - Greece - Italy
    - Crete - Peloponnese
    - Peloponnese - Mainland