Premium SMS

Premium SMS services are provided by other companies through WIND network (3rd party SMS). The services can be content provision such as music, games or contests participation and communication with TV/Radio shows.

For additional information regarding the setup of Premium SMS services, you may address to the Code of Conduct for Premium services as seen in Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission (EETT) site: ΕΕΤΤ.


To activate a Premium SMS (PSMS) service with WIND the following procedure has to be followed:

At first you need to apply to EETT for a licence that permits the provision of multimedia services and for an assignment of one or more short codes of the dedicated ranges 190ΧΧ-195ΧΧ ή 54ΧΧΧ for SMS.

As soon as the above mentioned are assigned you have to send us

  • the licence that permits the provision of multimedia services
  • the assignment of the SMS code
  • the description of the service(s) you will provide through your short codes

Besides the above mentioned, the below company documents must be sent.

For a Greek company

  • Company creation and start of operation (ΦΕΚ)
  • articles of association (ΦΕΚ)
  • corporate Tax Number (ΑΦΜ) and Tax office
  • registration receipt to SA companies record
  • legal representative contact details

For a EU company

  • articles of association
  • receipt to SA companies record
  • corporate Tax registration Number (ΑΦΜ) and Tax office
  • company headquarters’ address details, telephone & email and
  • greek legal representative contact details who also resides in Greece

In case the original documents as seen above regarding the EU companies are not in English, the certified English translation has to be sent along with the original documents.

Following our relevant communication, the review of the required documentation and as soon as the common decision to go forward is taken, the contracts preparation start along with the technical implementation for the activation of the short code.

You may send your interest and documentation to the email: x.bantouvaki@wind.gr

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