Premium Rate Services

WIND offers access service (call collection and termination) from its own network and 3rd party’s networks to Premium Rate Services of Multimedia Information Service providers. Examples of multimedia Services are : voting, contests, technical support, data services like adult services,time,weather, etc
Access Service is Revenue Share one which is addressed ONLY to providers registered with NRA (EETT) and own a General License for the provisioning of Multimedia Information Services. Multimedia Information Services can be provided through the following Numbering Ranges of National Numbering Plan

1) Numbering Ranges of Multimedia Information Services

  • 901 xxx xxxxx (Time charge and Per Call Charge)
  • 909 xxx xxxxx (Only Adult with timecharge)
  • 806 xxx xxxxx (charge 0,06€/per min VAT incl.)
  • 812 xxx xxxxx (charge 0,12€/per min VAT incl.)
  • 825 xxx xxxxx (charge 0,25€/per min VAT incl.)
  • 850 xxx xxxxx (charge 0,50€/per min VAT incl.)
  • 875 xxx xxxxx (charge 0,75€/per min VAT incl.)

2) Premium Short Codes

  • 14xxx

3) Short Codes for Directory Assistance

  • 118xx

For 10–digit numbers content providers can make use of their own primary assigned numbering or can be assigned WINDs numbering (secondary assignment) or even more can port in their ranges through process of portability Premium For Short Codes and Short Codes of DA it is necessary for partner to have the primary assignment from NRA (EETT). Number transferring can be made with a single authorization letter


In order to go on with contract on Access Service Provision to voice Multimedia Information Services it is necessary WIND to be provided with the following legal papers:

  • Copy of Decision of Assignment of General License from NRA (EETT) for Multimedia Information Services provisioning
  • Authorization letter to WIND Interconnection Dpt (A template will be provided to Partner)
  • NRA (EETT) decisions of Primary Assignments of Numbering Resources
  • Legal Documents of Representation
    • Legal Form of Company
    • Present Gov. Paper of Representation
    • Present Gov. Paper of Location
    • Tax Validation Number and Tax Office of Company
    • Form Legal Dealer or trader
    • Start vocation / profession Tax
    • Tax Validation Number and Tax Office of Company

After legal papers reviewing we continue with contract preparation and technical implementation of service. Please note that technical implementation is delivered ONLY through PRI technology on customers’ PBX

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More Info:

  • About Assignment of General Licence to Multimedia Information Services provisioning: here
  • About National Numbering Plan (NNP): here
  • About already allocated Short Codes: here
  • Code of Conduct for Multimedia Information Services here

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