Toll free and low call services

Toll free (800) and Low call (800) services

What does the service offer?

The service is addressed to International Service Providers that want to offer communication to their customers at toll free (800) & low call rate (801) through a unique number format accessible from all over Greece.

Who is it addressed to?

The service is addressed to companies that communicate with their customers as a part of their customer-centered policy. Some indicative business sectors are the following:

  • Telemarketing
  • Shipping and transport
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Tourism
  • Banks
  • Services

A toll free (800) & low call rate (801) number is essential for every modern, dynamic, small or large enterprise that wish to provide top-quality Customer Services.

If you wish to learn more, please choose one of the categories below:


  • The service includes a number of features covering the whole range of business needs, such as call routing based on time, call origin, customer choice, desired percentage distribution, etc.
  • The service is not provided in the form of pre-selected “packages” which the customer has to adapt to their needs, irrespective of the desired specific functionality. On the contrary, the customer may “set up” the service by selecting its structural features and thus obtain a totally personalized service, combined with accordingly adjusted rates. The customer therefore achieves outstanding value for money.
  • The service is supported by a number of activities which can maximize its performance.
  • The customer may choose any number they prefer (801 500 xxxx), thus obtaining an additional marketing advantage for their communication.
  • Depending on business needs, the service is available either through direct connection to the company’s network, or through the customer’s existing connection to the national fixed network.

Other Information

Is there any assistance available in case of trouble?

The company’s highly trained personnel provide top-quality support services.

To this end, we use:

  • Advanced circuit monitoring devices
  • Problem tracking & fast-solving mechanisms
  • Network designed with alternative paths
  • 24-hour network supervision & management
  • Fully staffed NOC (Network Operation Center)
  • What about the cost?

    Each solution is tailored to the customer’s specific needs and, therefore, the final cost will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

    Interconnection can be implemented over:

    • TDM (SS7/C7) via our main Athens PoP
    • SIP (G711 or G729)

    Contact Details:

    Email: windgr-wholesale@wind.gr
    Tel: (+30) 2119993269
    Mobile: (+30) 6936092603

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