Creating a positive impact on society

Volunteerism means solidarity and selfless offer. It is expressed in various ways, each of which has its own characteristics. However, they all have in common a belief in defending fundamental rights.

In our time, volunteerism contributes to the fight against social, economic and environmental problems, aiming to overcome any shortcomings of the state or the markets.

A multitude of NGOs operate in Greece under the above principles in the fields of the environment, culture, social services and sports.

Volunteerism is not just a term, it's a way of life which contributes positively to society. It's a force that concerns everyone, independently of social and economic prejudices. A force that promotes the active participation of all citizens to the fight for defending their rights and strengthens social solidarity and cohesion.

At WIND, we believe in the concept of volunteerism. The main axis of our corporate responsibility actions is social contribution and the urging for active participation to society's strives. Our goal is not just awareness building but mass participation in the effort to find solutions to out problems. This is our driving force.

We activate mechanisms for collective action, trying to help society make a forward step. Our corporate responsibility strategy aims to bring together our company's functions, products and services in order to honor our commitment for a better society and a healthy environment.

In these difficult times of the economic crisis, we believe that volunteerism can contribute to the improvement of many lives.

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