TEDx World

TED is a non-profit organization devoted to promote ideas worth spreading. The name TED comes from the initials of Technology, Entertainment & Design, the original three main topics. As part of spreading TED and ideas worth spreading throughout the world, in May 2009, TEDx initiative was developed to promote innovation, leadership, dialogue and transfer the TED experience at local level.

The TEDx mania started in California and rippled through the entire globe. In less than ten years, this rush managed to unite people with interesting ideas, creativity and initiative in every corner of the world. From Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking down to each one of us, TEDx stages were enlightened with the stories of people who made a difference or changed a practice, who not just evolved, but also helped others do the same, who left the everyday stress behind them and gazed at the future with optimism and braveness. In other words, TEDx enabled speakers to get on stage and “Show Who They Are!” without unnecessary props, boring presentations, direction or scripts.

TEDx non-profit events are planned by volunteers who are committed to preserve the TED spirit and character. Up to this day:

  • 18.363 TEDx events have been held since 2009
  • 2.300 videos of speeches have gone viral online
  • 167 countries all over the world have hosted TEDx events
  • 10 TEDx events per day on average were held in 2016

Since 2011, WIND has been supporting the majority of TEDx events held all over Greece, empowering purposeful, creative people with innovative ideas.