WIND Running Team

WIND Running Team

WIND Running Team is comprised of employees, partners, and friends of the company. WIND Running Team members always run for a good cause and aim to promote fair play, commitment to a goal and their love for the sport, not just as a way of life but also as a means of social solidarity

WIND Running Team made its first official appearance at the International Marathon "Alexander the Great" in April 2011, in Thessaloniki. In less than a month, the team had 110 members who all ran during the races (5km 10km. Marathon). Thanks to all, WIND raised and donated the amount of 5.000€ to «"ELEPAP Northern Greece"» to support its valuable work for children. 

In November 2011 WIND Running Teamhad a significant "presence" in the 29th Athens Classic Marathonand was awarded ‘SEGAS winning team’for the 5 & 10 km races..Thanks to the 1,000 runners who represented the team as well as its VIP ambassadors’ Panos Vlachos, Zeta Duka, Niki Kartsona, George Manikas, Nikoleta Ralli, Rea Toutounzi and Christos Ferentinos the team raised 40.000€ which it donated to the organization «'Kivotos tou Kosmou "».

Since then, the team runs every year in the Athens and Thessaloniki Marathons, as well as in the "Run Greece" courses in PAtra, Herakleio, Larisa, Ioannina, Alexandroupoli and Kastoria. The blue uniforms of the team members and its "ambassadors" stand out in every event -and so do their contributionbs to local charities!

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