Athens Classic Marathon 2012

All together we achieved something great, once again!

We collected 50.000€ for the kids ELEPAP.

With the central message of “A Race for All”, WIND Hellas participated once again in 2012, as the Official Sponsor of the 30th Athens Classic Marathon (CSM) and Nominal Sponsor of the 5 and 10 km races, adding a tint of ‘blue’ to the race and to the streets of Athens.

The message "A Race For All" reflects WIND’s philosophy to provide 'communication for all', through the company’s integrated telecom services which provide mobile, fixed telephony and the Internet to the Greek market.

For one more year, WIND succeeded in bringing the Athens Classic Marathon closer to Greek society, highlighting the value of sports in modern life. The company invited each one of us to participate in their own way, and highlighted the value of volunteerism and community service through its own team of runners, WIND Running Team, who ran for a good cause supporting ELEPAP.

A big THANK YOU from WIND and the kids of ELEPAP to the 1,500 runners representing WIND Running Team, the 17,000 runners who crossed under the Love Arch on the day of the race and to everyone who shared the kids’ drawings on facebook. We proved once again that when we are all united together we can achieve great things!

Thank you all!
See you in the next race!

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