Performance Management System

Performance Management System

An important tool that focuses on the evolution and development of employees is Performance Management System.

The role of the system is twofold: whilst it gives an objective evaluation of an employee’s performance, it also looks at their further progress and development. The key objective is to contribute to the achievement of corporate goals. All members of the company have a chance to discuss the outcome of their performance and potential problems and find solutions with their superiors. Therefore a key element in this process is to interact with a fair and proper evaluation and the employee’s further development.

The assessment system is based on key skills (competencies) upon which the employees are assessed. The first part deals with the assessment. After the assessment is completed, the Individual Development Plan aims to further develop employees through the monitoring of their performance.

This is made possible by recording the specific actions that need to be undertaken by the evaluated employee in order to achieve improved performance. Furthermore, upon completing the evaluation, the employee is given targets for the next year.

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