Internal Communication

Ανάπτυξη & Εξέλιξη. Εσωτερική επικοινωνία

We believe that continuously exploring internal communication throughout all organizational levels constitute one the most fundamental elements of our business success.

Sustainable, effective and interactive communication strengthens confidence and assists the establishment of a distinct culture which recognizes individual ability, effort and contribution whilst also promoting teamwork.

Communication channels & methods

The communication methods and channels we use are numerous and have grown over time. The most significant are outlined below:

  • WIND Portal:The Company’s intranet,where all employees have access to any kind of information. Constant improvements and upgrades are made to the site so that it is a lively and interactive communication tool that promotes effective and immediate information about what is happening inside the company, facilitating internal procedures (electronic applications) and knowledge (e-library, e-learning). It should also be noted that through Intranet the company achieves to reduce bureaucracy, since administration and paperwork of our employees is being executed electronically, following the existing internal processes and policies.
  • ABOUT WIND:The company magazine distributed to all employees which presents corporate material, information about the Company’s business but also represents the voice of our staff, the more important corporate projects and the experience of those who worked on them.
  • Ιnternal Ε-Νews: Special Edition e-news which instantaneously informs employees on special seasonal discounts at WIND stores or on corporate events.
  • Internal Marketing:This supplies our employees with comprehensive and direct marketing products and services (internal promos). To this end, the key practices that were followed were: internal televisions, electronic communication, electronic invitations, special promotions and internal branding.
  • SMS:The internal communication of corporate messages is performed via “bulk SMS” to all employees’ mobile phones when necessary.

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