WIND Culture

"In WIND we are committed to become an outstanding independent telecommunication company in the European market, delivering unique value for money service to our customers"

We are proud of the above ambitious commitment, which mobilizes us to keep evolving and to seek out challenges and change, without fear, in a creative and empowering environment! All these elements create a high performance culture, which is characterized by the passion, talent and competencies of our employees and cornerstone is our core values.

Our core values, Integrity - Simplicity - Agility - Entrepreneurship - Teamwork, define the way in which we work in order to stay true to our commitment. We communicate, grow, evaluate our progress, evolve and reward all efforts in accordance to our Values. Therefore, our Values set the framework for WIND programs, such as:

  • We Listen to the Customer: A program for the direct contact of all our employees with our customers
  • A Simpler Way of Seeing Things: A dynamic process for our company's simplification
  • Employee Opinion Survey: We become better through communication!
  • Grow@WIND: Our personal development system
  • Welcome On Board: Our new employee's induction program