WIND candidate profile

Join the WIND "family" and together we will reach new heights!

At WIND, people are in the center to our operations. We see each new recruit as a major investment for our company’s future.Therefore, we are looking for people with talent, strong will and a desire to keep customers satisfied.

Although there are different functions and a wide range of positions within WIND, which require specialized knowledge and skills, overall we seek specific common qualities that are in line with our corporate philosophy.

We are looking for people who:

  • Have high performance standards
  • Are critical thinkers and concentrate on the substance of things
  • Enjoy team-work and are able to enhance team spirit
  • Continuously seek out new ideas, in order to improve customer satisfaction
  • Operate with sincerity and a sense of justice
  • Are able to quickly adapt to a changing and dynamic environment

Our ultimate goal when recruiting is to maintain objectivity and as such WIND implements the principles of non-discrimination and recognizes each person’s right to work.