Training Programs

Our priority is the continuous development of our employees' skills

We are committed to turning WIND into one of the best independent telecommunications companies in Europe, offering our subscribers top quality services at the best possible price.

Therefore, our priority is the continuous training of our employees, offering them opportunities to develop their skills and acquire new ones. Our goal is for WIND employees to be always trained according to the latest developments and trends and to keep honing their skills for the entirety of their careers.

Two of WIND's main training programs concern leadership and teamwork:

Leadership Campus

Leadership Campus is a demanding training program, adapted to meet the needs and demands of our managers. It is based on the most modern learning methods, making use of multidisciplinary, interactive workshops, team coaching meetings and seminars.

Winning Team Lab

Winning Team Lab is a specialised initiative for the development of intradepartmental cooperation, as well as a unique development experience for anyone that takes part, aiming at:

  • Highlighting the features that make intradepartmental work teams effective
  • Helping team members to reinforce their strong points and develop the skills that maximize team efficiency
  • Evolving and strengthening skills and abilities, both on an individual and team level