Human Resources

We invest in our people.

Our people are our key competitive advantage.

We strive to offer unique value to our customers, to stand out for operational excellence and to ensure a continuous growth and progress for our company.

This orientation, our Commitment and our Values set the framework in which we design and implement all the policies, processes, projects and initiatives for our employees and for fostering the WIND culture.

Career Oppotunities

WIND is a place where exceptional people with a passion for learning and development in a dynamic environment where new technologies abound may find their way to an exciting career. Our main goal is to attract, retain and develop professionals who can think creatively.

Since the first day of our Company’s operations, when WIND employed 7 employees, we have made very significant investments and created many new jobs, leading to a workforce approximately 1.000 employees today.

Academic Background

Our Company’s human resources are characterised by high academic qualifications and specialization. 44% hold university degrees, 26% have a Master's degree and 18% hold technical diplomas.

Opportunities for all

We provide equal opportunities to all our employees and cultivate an environment of integrity and respect. The Company's strategic approach and philosophy are not restricted to numbers, but extends to the principle of non-discrimination, of equal opportunities and the recognition of the right to work. Implementing a policy of equal opportunities for both genders, 47% of the total staff are women and 53% men.