Υπηρεσίες Τερματισμού Φωνητικών κλήσεων.

Voice call termination services from WIND Hellas.

WIND Hellas offers electronic communications providers wholesale services for voice call termination to end users of their mobile network.

With the services provided all interested network Providers, have the ability to offer voice call termination to their subscribers on the WIND Hellas network, after signing the corresponding reciprocal agreement.

In accordance to the No. 498/046/15-10-2008 EETT decision, WIND Hellas issues a Reference Interconnection Offer in alignment with the needs of the Greek electronic communications market and in full compliance with the terms of transparency prescribed by the relevant legislative framework.

WIND Hellas’s Reference Interconnection Offer seeks to inform all interested network providers for the availability of such services. The sole purpose of WIND’s Reference Interconnection Offer is to inform interested parties about the nature and terms of service delivery on the basis of which WIND Hellas negotiates, in good faith, the conditions of the respective contracts end.


WIND Hellas Telecommunications
Kifissias Ave. 66, 151 25 Marousi, Athens
Carrier Relations Mobile & Interconnection dept.
Fax: +30 210 6158886

Technical Interfaces

According to the relevant decisions from Greek NRA (EETT), WIND Hellas publishes the technical interfaces of its mobile network.

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