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WIND Hellas is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Greece. In 23 years of operation, WIND is established as a pioneer in mobile phone technology and has presented innovative products that changed the telecommunication.

WIND was the first telecommunications company in Greece that offered its customers integrated Mobile Telephony, Fixed Telephony & Internet services.

  • 1992.Establishment and opening of the company in the Greek market under the trade name “TELESTET”.
  • June 1993. The first call from a mobile phone in our country takes place.
  • May 1997. TELESTET is the first to launch a prepaid telephony service in Greece, with the “B free” scheme.
  • June 2001. Launch of the new GPRS technology.
  • 2003. First 3G call in Greece, from TELESTET.
  • 2004. Change of trade name "TELESTET" to "TIM".
  • January 2006. "TIM" acquired "Q-Telecom", a subsidiary of Infoquest.
  • January 2007. The company is renamed "WIND".
  • October 2007. WIND acquires Tellas, thus creating an integrated telecommunications operator, with mobile telephony, fixed telephony and high-speed Internet.
  • 2009. WIND proceeds in the merger of Tellas.
  • 2010. The consolidation of infrastructure networks of Mobile, Fixed Telephony and Internet, and information systems is completed, thus creating the first integrated communications network in Greece.
  • December 2010. WIND is bought out by 6 international equity funds, which handle a total of more than 80 billion dollars. For the acquisition of the company, they contribute €800 million, which is the largest private investment in Greece for the last two years.
  • June 2011. WIND begins to modernize its network across Greece in cooperation with Huawei. It is a major project to be completed in 2014, offering WIND customers true mobile broadband experience with speeds of up to 42 Mbps.
  • December 2011. WIND renews the rights to use frequencies in the GSM 900, paying, from own equity, the amount of 92,3 € million, a large investment for the Greek economy.
  • September 2012. WIND enters a strategic partnership with the Panos Germanos Group of Companies for the exclusive supply of all its services by the Group’s branch network of stores (Public, Multirama, etc.)
  • June 2013. WIND Hellas and Vodafone Hellas sign a strategic partnership for partial sharing of the 2G/3G mobile communication network, mainly in the country and limited in a few urban areas.
  • 2013. WIND Hellas acquires 33% of Forthnet.
  • September 2014. WIND launches a new era in the retail market, presenting to consumers its new stores that are characterized by friendliness, high technology, interactivity and personalized services as well as innovative architecture. This is a strategic investment of 20 million euro with a completion schedule by the end of 2015.
  • October 2014. WIND Hellas acquires two (2x10 MHz) segments in the 800 MHz and four (2x20 MHz) segments in the 2600 MHz band, for a total price of 121,825,000 euro, following the spectrum auction implemented by EETT, for granting radiofrequency rights of use in the spectrum areas of 800 and 2600 MHz concerning country's three mobile operators.
  • March 2015. WIND announces 4G services.

The unified WIND network is based on a single architecture, characterized by flexibility, reliability and simplicity.