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Mobile Telephony in our life

Mobile Telephony in our life

A new era in communication!

In 1993, WIND inaugurated anew communication era, in Greece by operating a mobile telephony network,for the first time in Greece that is based on its philosophy to provide innovative communication services.

WIND is now one of the leading telecommunication authorities in the Greek economy and provides its customers with all the services that can cover every communication need: mobile and fixed telephony, internet connection and data services. The company’s vision is to continue to provide the most innovative and high quality services based on the international telecommunication standards and regulations.

The Mobile telephony,advantages that most Greeks enjoy today have signalled a revolution in the communication sector by making possible communication without temporal or spatial restrictions, without borders. It has significantly contributed to the expansion of our professional activities and opened up a new dimension in our social and personal life , by liberating all our moves and activities.
The fast growth in mobile telephony and the promotion of many new services have significantly contributed to strengthening the economy. It has created new values for both employees and companies; it supports financial activity and expands the labour market in Greece. Logo
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