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True to our values, we systematically contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in the communities in which we function. We achieve this through the offering of high quality telecommunication services, covering the needs of the community and ensuring the access of all to technological innovation.

We give back to the communtity

We are socially responsible, offering financial support to actions or institutions, in order to realise their plans and programs. Through collective action, we help society take forward steps. In 2014, we worked on a plan based on three principles: Participation, Awakening and Contribution.

Running Movement - A Race For All

Participation and public support of the "Race for All" action surpassed all expectations, as proven by the following statistics…

  • 49.667 runners
  • 2.600 WIND Running Team runners
  • 23 celebrities
  • €116.000 given to 8 NGOs throughout Greece

Run Greece

For the first time in 2013 WIND decided to support Athletics outside Athens, creating Run Greece, a new institution of city runs. ITs goal is to give an extra boost to local communities and bring even more people closer to sports. In 2013 the schedule included 5 cities: Herakleio, Ioannina, Kastoria, Larisa and Patra. WIND supported 5 local institutions of social solidarity, ond from each city, offering €3 for each participating runner. The runs also benefited the sense of community, through happenings that took place before and during the runs.

Klimaka: 10520 Information line for homelessness

In 2013 we continued supporting the homeless, offring the use of the 5-digit number 10520 to the KLIMAKA NGO, helping the homeless to receive information about all support actions (such as free meals, available beds or health care).

Animal Action

In cooperation with Animal Action, we supported the efforts to care for stray animals.

Thermaic gulf

In March 2013 we participated in the Ministry's of Macedonia & Thrace waste management programme for the Thermaic Gulf. Its goal was to remove all floating waste and debris from the gulf, as well as deal with any oil slicks.

Kids@safety internet

Safe usage of new technologies is one of parents' chief concerns. Recognising the need for the continuous education of parents and children on those matters, we continued throughout 2013 the Kids@safety internet campaign, throughout Greece.


  • The www.kidsatsafety.gr e-platform.
  • Cooperation with the Greek Center for a Safer Internet and www.saferinternet.gr
  • Supporting www.cyberkid.gr and cooperating with the Electronic Crime division of the Hellenic Police

TEDx Events

  • ΤEDx Academy

    In September 2013 we participated in the 4th TEDxAcademy, which took place in the Megaron Athens Concert Hall. Its subject was "Discovering". Over 1.500 persons participated and listened to the guest speakers, personalities from the Arts and Sciences, the business world and the vanguard of technological innovation, from Greece and abroad. Over 2.3 million watched the live stream.
  • TEDx Thessaloniki 2013

    It was our great joy to be the telecommunications provider of the 4th TEDx Thessaloniki, which had the subject of “The Power of +Plus”. Through our network, we offered limitless free internet access to the TEDxSters.

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