We support important goals

We support with actions of essence the achievement of important social goals that make a difference and help people in need, especially children. We contribute with resources and various actions to improve the standard of living and reinforce social cohesion through information, awareness and contribution.

We contribute to Society

Committed to our values, we systematically contribute to improving the quality of life of the communities we operate through the provision of full and integrated services to meet the communication needs and accessibility to the Technology Society.

Running Movement

WIND has been associated with running events throughout Greece, since 2011, supporting athletes and combining sports with social contribution and solidarity activities. The Athens the Authentic Marathon, Run Greece city road races, the Alexander the Great International Marathon and many other street races are firmly on the annual WIND Running Team’s calendar.

Social Product

Social Product Despite the rapid technological development and the humanitarian crisis characteristic of our era, at WIND we believe that technology, when used properly, can help vulnerable social groups. By acting on our beliefs, we contribute to covering their telecommunications needs aiming to reduce social isolation. Through our network, our subscribers can support directly Non-Governmental Organizations, such as SOS Childrens’, Arc of the World, ELEPAP, Make a Wish Greece, Apostoli and The Smile of the Child Villages, Social Contribution Lines or otherwise through the I Offer service – a joint charitable initiative of the three mobile telephony operators in Greece. Alongside, our subscribers are able to use Help Lines 1056- Amber Alert Hellas and SOS Line for The Smile of the Child and 116000 – European Help Line for Children. Through our network, we provide our subscribers the option of free calls to emergency numbers such as 100, 166, 199, 112, 197 and 108, even in case of barriers due to debts.

AwarenessKids@safety: Internet, Mobile and Child

Recognizing the need to inform parents, teachers and children on the safe use of new technologies, since 2010 we have been implementing the campaign «Kids@ safety: Internet, Mobile and Child” focusing on the need to become familiar with new technologies, but also how to handle the challenges of the digital world. Promoting the positives aspects of new technologies as tools in our daily lives and encouraging the dialogue between children and parents on the safe use of the Internet are separate, albeit equally important goals of the campaign. The basic axis of the campaign kids@safety is the website: www.kidsatsafety.gr, supplemented by the respective social media sites on Facebook & Twitter that expand the channels of communication and utilize the advantages of the digital era in information and communication.

More information you may find in the Sustainability Report 2016 here.