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Environmental Protection

We continuously seek out new ways to minimize the effects of our operations to the environment. It is just as important to us as it is to you, the society in which we function.

We emphasize our efforts on the following fields:

1. Greenhouse gases emissions

We follow a policy of systematically reducing fuel consumption:

  • We implement a program of reducing oil counsumption, using hybrid technologies wherever possible. As a result, we have reduced fuel consumption by over 40%, since 2011, as well as pollutant emissions.
  • We stopped the usage of generators, wherever that was possible. As a result, the number of continuously functioning generators has been halved since 2011.
  • We replaced our fleet of cars with more economic, diesel-powered models, reducing pollutant emmissions by 16% within the first year.

Read the WIND sustainability report.

2. Energy conservation

Energy conservation is perhaps out most important goal.

Technological advances give us the opportunity to conserve energy. To achieve this and reduce emmisions, we continuously invest in new telecommunications and IT equipment. Our most important investments are:

  • Upgrading our radio and fixed network infrastructure with cutting edge technologies. WIND has invested over 300 million euros during the last few years.
  • Upgrading the buildings housing telecommunications centres and following policies that reduce energy consumption (e.g. raising the temperature at data centres, modifying power systems settings, etc.).
  • Implementing energy conservation programmes at our office buildings, such as Greenlight, the European initiative for reducing by 40% the energy consumed by lighting, or reducing air conditioning energy consumption.

Read the WIND sustainability report.

3. Paper savings

Through the use of technology, we save significant amounts of paper.

At our offices:

  • Since 2001, we distribute forms and documents electronically.
  • We turn to office automation, wherever possible.
  • We've upgraded our printing equipment in order to print on both sides of the paper. As a result we have managed to reduce paper purchases by 25%.

At our stores:

  • We implement automatic procedures, concerning the usage of documents and forms.
  • We have introduced e-signature.
  • We phased out A4 paper in invoices, etc.
  • We introduced electronic bill (E-bill) creating an electronic platform for our subscribers.
  • Subscribers can get their bill at their e-mail address, as a pdf document.

Through all of the above, we save over 100 tons of paper each year.

Read the WIND sustainability report.

4. Recycling

Recycling is our oldest environmental policy.

  • We collect and recycle all kinds of material: Paper, plastic, metals, electronic devices, batteries, cables, toners, etc.
  • We implement the triptych: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, wherever possible.
  • We examine all alternatives before sending waste to landfills.
  • We function as a collection point for used batteries and mobile phones/accessories.
  • Out efforts have resulted in only 10% of our waste ending up in a landfill. The majority is sent for recycling.

Read the WIND sustainability report.

ISO 14001 Environmental Policy

The programmes we implement in order to achieve the above goals are part of WIND's Environmental Management System, which has been certified since 2008 with EN ISO14001:2004 by TUV Hellas (Member of TUV Nord Group). Our policy sets the commitments and guidelines necessary for the continuous improvement of our efficiency.

ISO 14001 Environmental Policy

At WIND we implement and develop an environmental management system for all of our activities, according to the requirements of the international ISO 14001 standard, to continuously improve our environmental performance.

In this context, at WIND Hellas, we provide the necessary resources and commit to:

  • Recognize and monitor the interactions of our activities with the environment.
  • Review and periodically re-assess all parameters, objectives and targets of the Environmental Management System.
  • Prevent pollution by implementing management programs for the significant impacts of our activity.
  • Comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Cultivate trust by providing all necessary information to interested parties or bodies.
  • Inform, train and motivate our employees and partners, to ensure the achievement of our objectives.

We evolve our operations, products and services committed on the environmentally responsible sustainable development.

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