We are moving responsibly

We minimize our environmental footprint.

It is our systematic pursuit to have the smallest possible impact from our activity on the environment, with the emphasis on preventing pollution, reducing energy consumption, environmental compliance and promoting information on the protection of the environment. The significant impacts from our operation are identified, evaluated and prioritized, setting relevant goals to respond to the more critical ones. The end goal is to constantly improve, reduce the impact or where feasible, to completely eliminate it. The evaluation of impacts is reviewed on a regular basis so as to ensure we are up to date and adapted to new circumstances, internal and external, domestic and international, .e.g. the Paris Agreement to keep global warming under the limit of 2oC and the UN Sustainable Development Agenda, which set 17 Sustainable Development Goals by year 2030.

In order to reduce the environmental impact of our operation on energy, consumption, waste and emissions of electromagnetic radiation, we systematically and methodically produce energy saving and energy efficiency projects, waste management projects (reduction / avoidance / reuse / recycling ) but also environmental impact studies and emission measurements.

ISO 14001 Environmental Policy

The programmes we implement in order to achieve the above goals are part of WIND's Environmental Management System, which has been certified since 2008 with EN ISO14001:2004 by TUV Hellas (Member of TUV Nord Group). Our policy sets the commitments and guidelines necessary for the continuous improvement of our efficiency.

ISO 14001 Environmental Policy

More information you may find in the Sustainability Report 2016 here.