The Market

We offer premium customer experience

Since our establishment we have invested systematically in infrastructure and the development of our network with responsibility and sensitivity for public health and the environment. The goal of our strategy is to bring mobile broadband closer to Greek users and contribute to the digital transformation of our country. The provision of an outstanding customer experience is a strategic priority of our Company in order to build stable relationships with loyal customers and diversify in the field of service in relation to competition.

Mobile telephony

  • Balance Update Service for the W and WPlus Plans.

    For the W and WPlus plans, subscribers are able to receive information on the balance of their talk time, the SMS and MB of their plan or their additional bundle, as well as on the Account Limit they have initially defined, by calling the number 1270 from their mobile phone.
  • Free Automatic Update Service for W and WPlus Plans.

    In addition, for W and WPlus plans, subscribers always know what is happening on their account. They are updated automatically and free of charge with SMS, 10 minutes, 10 SMS or 10 MB before, as well as after the free usage of their plan is exhausted.
  • Protection of minors

    With respect to the multimedia information services we strictly adhere to the regulations on the protection of minors while using their mobile phone. Regarding the 901 and 909 lines we have, as well as the five-digit SMS, the owner of the account (adult) can request with a phone call or written communication to be blocked.
  • Safety for all

    Since all the more transactions are being made online and the need to protect devices, personal data and transactions is increasing all the time, we offer to our Fixed & Internet customers complete protection in their navigation on the Internet from all family devices (computers, smartphones, tablets), free of charge
  • Transparent Invoicing

    We ensure that at all points of customer information the information concerning costs is provided with transparency, in detail and clearly, through the availability of current price lists, press information or personal communication. With respect to the multimedia information services and calls with additional charge, we provide detailed information to our subscribers on these charges, fully complying with the regulations of the EETT and announcements to the provider of each service on the charge of the call, through a free recorded message. The charges for all multimedia information services can be found at www.wind.gr.

The products we receive and sell from our partner network are covered by the CE mark according to the Greek law.

"Green" Products

Within the framework of our innovative services that help to strengthen the green economy, we have developed the services:

  • WIND Business Cloud
  • WIND Business Marketplace
  • WIND Fleet Management
  • WIND Freeze Alert
  • Business Antivirus

Our Company strictly adheres and binds third contractual parties to adhere to the Codes that have been issued by the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission (EETT) and are related to consumer protection matters, namely:

  • Code of Conduct for Providing Electronic Communication Services to Consumers (EETT Decision No.EETT 488/82/30-7-2008), as in force.
  • Code of Conduct for Providing Multimedia Information Services (EETT Decision No. 578/29/15.10.2010),as in force.

In addition, our Company fully applies and binds third contractual parties on the application of the Codes related to child protection issues, namely:

  • The Code of Conduct for value added services through mobile phones and the protection of underage users
  • European Memorandum on safer mobile use by children and adolescents, which has been signed and applied among Mobile Telephony Service Providers.

In every contract we sign with consumers we include strict conditions in relation to the protection of intellectual property and / or industrial property, prohibiting our subscribers to use our services in a manner that violates copyright laws under penalty of contract termination. Furthermore, we fully comply with our legal obligations as networks and electronic communication services providers in relation to intellectual property protection. Moreover, we have signed a Cooperation Framework with the local Collective Copyright Management Organizations (AEPI and self-management for music) aiming to act together in order to inform and raise awareness of the general public regarding Internet piracy and the subsequent damage that the owners of copyrights suffer, which are internationally recognized as human rights. Regarding the security of Electronic Communication Privacy, we have a full set of security rules in the form of policies and procedures. The management of personal data of our customers is in full compliance with the legislation on the protection of individuals from the processing of personal data.

Our relationships with suppliers are based on strict professional criteria, through the implementation of specific procedures that aim to control, as far as possible, the reliability of our suppliers. Using specific forms, general conditions of cooperation and / or other procedures, we expect any supplier who is interested in joining the list of suppliers that work with our Company to comply with the obligations relevant to its business activities arising from the national and European legislation and to avoid any unfair and unethical professional or business practice. According to the above, we expect our suppliers to meet the necessary conditions on the following topics:

  • Protection of the environment
  • Compliance with the health and safety legislation in the workplace
  • Information Security
  • AAA Quality
  • Child labour
  • Equal treatment
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Freedom of Association
  • Forced labour and exploitation of behavior towards employees
  • Compensation