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Out goal is to ensure the absolute satisfaction of our subscribers, offering services of the highest quality and answering all their communication needs through the use of innovative technologies.

Mobile Contract Plans Information Services

  • Contract Plans Balance Information

    All our postpaid subscribers can be informed, at any time, about their talk time and SMS balance, free of charge, through a blank SMS to 1212.
  • WIND to All Balance Information

    WIND to All subscribers can be informed about their talk time, SMS and data balance of their plan or any add on, as well as the balance remaining on any charging limits they have set, through a call to 1270 from their mobile.
  • WIND to All Free Automatic Notification Service

    Furthermore, WIND to All subscribers are always aware of their account's every detail. They automatically receive a free SMS, 10 minutes, 10 SMS and 10 MB before the expiration of their programme's embedded value, as well as upon expiration.
  • Protection of minors

    As far as multimedia information services are concerned, we stringently follow all regulations concerning the protection of minors. Subscribers can bar calls to 901 and 909 lines, as well as 5-digit SMS.

Prepaid Plans

  • Balance Information

    All our prepaid subscribers can be informed about their balance, immediately and free of charge.
  • Talk Time Extension Service

    Subscribers can extend their available talk time, even when their balance reaches zero, by calling a 4-digit number. This way, they will never risk losing the ability to communicate with others.
  • WIND Ring Me Now Service

    The service gives subscribers the ability to notify other WIND subscribers, asking them to call their number, in case his/her balance is not sufficient for an outgoing call. Service is activated through a text message to 54040, which includes the number that you want to contact.
  • Bundle Change Service

    Through the service subscribers can change the Bundle under which they are charged. Transfer to a new bundle is made through a free call to 1342 and is active immediately. Bundle change is allowed once per month.

Public Information

WIND Hellas considers itself obliged to inform the public about their communication, in a precise manner.

  • Parental Control

    Throug print and electronic media, as well as seminars throughout Greece, we are keeping parents informed about their options concerning their children's access to communications services.
  • Transparent Billing

    We take care that all billing information is readily available, comprehensive and easy to find, publishing up to date price lists, press releases and contacting individual subscribers. We follow all NTPC guidelines concerning multimedia information and added value services charges.

All products available at our commercial network conform to European and Greek legislation(CE mark).

"Green" Products

Implementing a "green economy" policy, we have doffer the following services:

  • WIND Business Cloud
  • Business Antivirus
  • WIND Fleet

Social Products

We deeply believe that technology can aid those facing social exclusion. Therefore, we contribute in the fulfilment of their communication needs:

  • Special offers
  • WIND Care
  • Social Contribtion helplines- "Prosfero" service
  • SOS Chidlren's villages
  • "European Children Helpline"
  • "The World's Ark"
  • "APHCA children and adolescent support line"
  • «Amber Alert Hellas»
  • "SOS Line – Smile of the Child»
  • Emergency Lines

Our company follows and binds third parties to all NTPC guidelines, concerning consumer protection:

  • Ethics code concerning electronic communication services (NTPC 488/82/30-7-2008).
  • European memorandum for the safer use of mobile phones by children and adolescents

Furthermore, the company follows and binds third parties to all guidelines, concerning thew protection of minors:

  • Ethics code for mobile telephony added value services and the protection of minors
  • European memorandum for the safer use of mobile phones by children and adolescents

All contracts with the public include strict terms, concerning intellectual property protection, on a penalty of services termination. Furthermore, we honor all responsibilities and obligations as a provider, concerning intellectual property protection. We have also signed a cooperation agreement with national intellectual property protection organisations, undertaking information campaigns concerning the damages caused by intellectual property piracy.

Our relations with our suppliers are based on strict guidelines and the following of processes which ensure their reliability.

Moreover, in 2013, and under the context of promoting corporate responsibility throughout out supply chain, we sent to our suppliers the WIND Hellas Code of Ethics, making compliance to its provisions a condition for continuing our relationship.

Finally, we rate our suppliers according to ISO 9001 και ISO 14001 guidelines, monitor all contests and make inspections when necessary.

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